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Online Marketing and Advertising – 13 Ways to Grow Business on the Web

The internet has revolutionized the business and marketing world. Advertising on the web is perhaps the most cost effective method of marketing and advertising available to the business world today. It is by far the easiest method to track. This is the first era in the history of advertising that managers are able to accurately measure how effective their advertising dollars are being spent, at least that’s the case with¬†online marketing. Another benefit is how accurately advertisers are able to target consumer demographics and consumer interests.

Whether you are in business or thinking about starting a business, you need to utilize online marketing. As business help, I have created a list of online marketing methods that all business owners and marketing managers should consider.

Online Marketing – 13 Internet Advertising Methods

  1. Content Marketing – ebook, articles, video, infographic, and pictures are all examples of content you can create online to promote your cause. Content marketing is all about creating quality media in various forms with the purpose of spreading your message, and just as important as creating the content is spreading the content as far and wide as possible. The smart advertiser will focus distribution efforts to online areas and locations that are related and relevant to his product and customer.
  2. Website – Of Course the company website is a huge and vital part of any marketing or lead generation effort. These days the bigger and more informative your website the better. Make sure your website lives up to the standard of your company, product, and overall sales message. You at the very least need to easily meet your target market’s expectations, and hopefully, surpass them.
  3. Blog – A blog is a great tool to build long term traffic sources through organic search results and is typically a big part of a search engine optimization plan.
  4. Social Media – Facebook and the like are here to stay in one form or another so you should get comfortable with including social media marketing in your long-term business plan. It is definitely a necessary aspect of any marketing plan.
  5. SEO – The ability to obtain high-quality organic traffic from meaningfully related keywords from Google and yahoo or bing is probably the most valuable marketing advantage there is. Optimizing your website for search engine rankings is a great focus to have as part of your marketing plan. However, it is also one of the hardest and most fickle strategies to achieve success in. Be reasonable in terms of results and expectations.
  6. PPC Рpay per click is a great alternative and complementary marketing strategy to SEO. Here you are able to bid on search result placements with the choice of keywords. The icing on the cake is that you only pay when a prospective customer clicks on your advertisement. 
  7. Content Syndication – RSS feeds from your blog enable other websites to automatically display your content on their site. They are able to get free and easy quality content and you are able to gain extra exposure.
  8. Email Marketing – Be sure to have an ever growing mailing list and send out a regular newsletter as well as promotional notifications when you have specials or new products/services.
  9. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a great way to sell your product/service. You only pay when you get paid which is ideal and risk-free. This marketing strategy won’t work for everyone. It seems to work great with ebooks, software, and some membership based services online particularly.
  10. Banner Advertising – This is a way to advertise on successful niche websites and blogs that are directly related to your product/service.
  11. Video – Creating videos is a great way to promote your product it helps in multiple areas of your marketing efforts. Videos add value to your website, help SEO efforts, other websites may post your vids, other people may post or link to your videos via many different social media outlets, there are countless ways creating great videos can help boost your sales and marketing efforts.
  12. Video Advertising – Paying for extra exposure will help both expedite and boost the benefits listed above in “11. Video”
  13. CPM – Cost Per Impression advertising is another way to advertise in popular advertising networks such as Google Adwords. It has a one up over banner advertising because you will be able to get your advertisement seen on countless websites.

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