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My very first post as Finance Guy. That is so exciting. I am greatly looking forward to creating this site. I know it will be grueling, frustrating, a little expensive, and very time-consuming but I don’t care. I’m going to do it. Why?

Why I want to Create a Successful Finance Blog and Website

Several reason really.


I Love the World of Finance

For one I think it will make for a really cool and beneficial hobby. I’ve read countless times that you should do a site on a niche topic that you are passionate about, and I am passionate about finance. Believe that! I love finance. I am thrilled by the financial markets and trading. I enjoy learning about financial instruments such as loans or ETFs. Love keeping up with the latest financial news. And of course I love to share this passion. So naturally starting a finance blog is a no brainer.

Extraordinary Value – I Like the Potential Upside

It is an extremely valuable and marketable skill. Knowing how to create a successful blog or website is extremely valuable. If I can develop such a talent and skill the sky is the limit! It could lead to jobs, short-term contracts,residual income, and or countless other wonderful benefits. Now I know creating a successful and popular finance blog such as this is next to impossible but I don’t care I’m going to do it! God willing.

Making a Difference – Helping Others

This is a way to help others and create value in the world. I believe it’s extremely important to add value to society. This could become a huge resource for others. By creating this blog I believe I will ultimately help others.

Though I am excited I am also very humbled by the daunting task ahead. I just know this is going to take countless hours. I’ve already spent a ton of hours on this and I haven’t even published a single post. However hard this might be I am committed. I’m going work hard and consistently on this during my spare time. I’m also committed to being smart about this. I will certainly seek out tons of help and support. I plan on joining a few communities of like-minded people. I will network and seek out mutual beneficial relationships with other bloggers and publishers. I also happen to know the SEO manager for Carmax. he is actually one of my best friends. Hopefully that will work to my advantage.

Anyways Thank you for taking the time to read this first post and share in this personally epic moment for me. I honestly hope it changes my life!

If you have any wisdom that you may want to share please by all means leave a comment. Thanks!

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