News, Editorials, and Entertainment

“I guess it goes here”. That’s usually about what I say when I create content that gets published here. LoL.


In all seriousness, I do like to keep up with some News Media. Sometimes there is a current event or topic that I feel I may have some special insight on, or perhaps I just think it is particularly important. Whatever the reason, I will often do some reporting of relevant current events, cultural ideals, and big ideas that I think matter…. which I suppose is news.


I will often have a big “HMMM?”, “What if…?”, “I wonder why?”, and other light bulb like moments. Sometimes I turn those moments into actions which will often lead to research and eventually some useful insight and information that I will organize into a editorial. I will post those here as well.

Fun and Entertainment

I have yet to post anything of just pure fun and entertainment. But I would like to allow myself that freedom. I’m not exactly sure what form of media that may take. Perhaps a video I make or find. Maybe a picture I took. A written story of some funny personal event that I end up posting. Honestly I don’t know.

I wonder if “not finance”, “lack of finance”, or “non financial content” are sought after keywords? (wait does that count as fun and entertainment) Actually that’s not really even close to true because all of my content currently here as I make this page is relevant to the topics and subjects covered on this finance blog

Just as I focus on creating helpful resources pertaining to mortgage, credit, loans, consumer debt, small business, and other personal finance topics such as investing; I to will have these topics dominate the News, Editorials, and Entertainment Page.

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