Hi, I am the blogger known as Finance Guy. Thank you for taking an interest in my finance blog.

So what is this blog all about?

This is a finance blog that I have created to help the average joe navigate through personal finance issues. Pretty much that simple. If you are familiar with my blog then you have noticed that there are a lot of financial assistance resources that offer mortgage help and other debt relief information. I think this is a key topic for folks today. Millions of American people struggle with debt and I aim to help them.

I also focus on credit and loans. I want people to be in the know and understand what that world is all about and how to make the best of it.

I also think budgeting is a key topic. The more you save the more you have. And when you have money then you can get into making money. I want to help my readers make money and grow their wealth. Increasing my readers net worth is very important to me. Thus the topic of investing and small business is important to me. I try to focus on creating great business help resources as an effort to encourage people to start a small business of their own.

Why do I think I can Help?

Well for one I’m willing to talk about it and open up that dialogue which is really half the battle. I feel like a lot of folks don’t know a whole lot about how money works because they never really sat down and thought about it much.

I have a Finance degree.  I was a good student in college but I have learned much more on my own in the real world. I have done enough market research for several lifetimes, have owned businesses, as well as helped grow many others. A lot of them were successful. Though some were not.

I have worked in the “mortgage help” industry and have personally stopped 100’s of foreclosures just by negotiating with lenders on behalf of struggling homeowners. This has given me many insights that I desperately want to share with my readers.

Also, Know This

I very much created this site to give back. I want this site to turn into a company that focuses on giving back to this country and its people. That may mean becoming a nonprofit. At the very least it will be a socially responsible company that focuses on helping others.

I Want Help

I am no doubt going to leverage the help of others as I continue to develop this site. I will always be looking for contributors. If you think you may be interested in helping me in my quest of helping the American Consumer and Homeowner through the development of this site then please contact me. I would love help with creating content or other aspects of this process. I encourage other bloggers and experts to contribute new, original, never before seen content to this site.

Thank You,

Finance Guy